Banner Costing

Banners cost from £550 for a simple single sided banner, and for a double sided banner from £800 to £1400, the price depending on the complexity of the design, and how long it would take to make.

The price covers time for design, consultation and production of banners and includes the cost of materials, carrying frame and postage and packing within mainland UK.

Banner making and more

We have a long history of making Trade Union banners as well as banners for community groups and campaigners. We are always delighted to create banners for these specialist customers or to work on something completely new!

Marching Colours also makes table cloths for meetings, rallies and campaigns.

Contact marching colours banner makers

Please contact me to discuss your banner project by phoning +44 (0)117 9424601 or email me

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By contacting marching colours, you will be one step closer to owning a handmade banner, for your trade union marches or other trade union event. Having a handmade banner instead of a printed banner shows consideration and adds weight to your cause.

Contact Us with your exact Banner needs and what handmade banner features you require. By contacting Sarah, you will be in safe hands and she will guide you through the handmade banner process.