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The full horror of factory life of the period (1830's) seems to have been covered by trade union banners during the period of agitation. A moving account is given of a banner painting showing: A father carrying his little girl through a pelting storm of sleet and snow to a noted flax mill near Leeds, at five in the morning, himself in tatters and having taken off his own remnants of what was once a coat, to carry his hapless baby who was doomed to earn her parents' living as well as her own, at the certain destruction of her own health and morals and probably her very life, doomed to a premature grave John Gorman
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When did we start?

Sarah Braun founded Marching Colours banner makers in 1982. Her interest in trade union and other banners grew and increased as she made them. She has a collection of books on the subject, a cuttings collection of banner images and collects cards and photos of old banners.

Sarah's background in graphic design and advertising design (everything from washing instructions on garments to a vast hoarding on the side of a railway bridge!) gives her a keen eye for balance, readability and impact.

Not just banners

Sarah is also a textile artist, enamellist and very occasional maker of jewellery. Her other main passion is photography, using the camera as a sketchbook, garnering images particularly of letterforms and colour combinations, to enrich her visual vocabulary.

Our approach to banner making

In her experience, good banner design is best achieved by consultation with the client. Every effort is made to create a striking and appropriate design, which will accommodate the client's requirements in matters of colour, images and wording wherever possible.

Marching colours offer great value for money with our handmade banners. Each banner is lovingly handmade with the quality you'd expect from a handmade banners

Handmade banners offer a uniqueness like no other trade union banners. If you need to get your trade unions message across, using a handmade banner will give you that